Time For School Blog Post

My experience is different from school before distance learning. The ways that my distance learning is similar to going to school to me is that I am still getting as much classwork as I normally do in class. It has been similar in some ways but it’s been more different than similar. Because of circumstances that some people have, the teachers can’t have live online classes. However my teachers have optional office hours if you have any questions or concerns. This is hard because for me, I think it is really helpful or it is easier to understand the material easier if you can hear the teacher explain it rather than just read the instructions. Some advantages is, that you can go at your own paice and the due dates are more lenient, you can start your assignments earlier, you don’t get distracted by classmates, and you can do your classes at a pace that you can do those assignments at. This is an advantage because I have more time to reread over assignments and I can do the assignments that are easy for me first and then assignments that are harder after. 

The skills that I am developing is to focus and not procrastinate, getting better at playing my instrument, and I am getting better at volleyball. I am getting better at my instrument because while school was open, it was hard for me to take my instrument home because it is really big and I take the bus. Now since I am home and I have my instrument all the time, I have a lot of time to practice on my skills and practice on things that I am not good at yet. I am also getting better at Volleyball. Since I have more time now, I have more time to be outside . Another skill I am developing is not asking a lot of questions and trying to figure out hard assignments on my own. This can help me when we go back to school because it will teach me to be more independent. So in the end, I think that distance learning is different but in a good way.

Positive Aspects of Social Media

In Design Studio, we are doing podcasts about topics that we chose. In the beginning of the process, we listened to podcasts that were winners for the NPR podcast challenge. This started off our unit of podcasts in the design studio. Podcasts are an effective tool to communicate a message to people because it’s a good way to communicate with people that are all over the world and you can share your story in a personal manner. Some elements that make podcasts an effective way to communicate a message because people can hear the tone of your voice when you do a podcast but if you were doing an article it’s harder to hear the tone. For example in the podcasts that we listened to in DS, you can hear the tone in the voices when the women and doctors talk about the story.  

For the 2020 NPR Podcast Challenge, I wanted to explore the positive aspects of social media. Throughout the world based on the article, 10 social media statistics you need to know in 2020, it stated that an average of 3 hours per day is spent on social networking and messaging.This shows that routines and lives are different with phones and social media than they were 10 years ago. People are more on their phones using the internet and social media. Even Though some people think that social media triggers social anxiety, depression, social distancing but social media used in the right way could be helpful and a benefit to people.Some examples are that it can help businesses communicate with teens and people who are younger to find out about those businesses. Another example is that schools and students use social networking for educational purposes. Based on the article getting smart, the article said that 59% of schools say that their students use social networking for educational purposes. Another example is that it is now easier to communicate with experts of the topic that students want to research for. I want my audience to take away that social media can be agood thing and you don’t have to turn social media into a bad thing. You don’t have to use social media as a bullying site and to troll people. 

Link to podcast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XXuA48TbQ6mW2EmcfQzyMOQcZoK_7aLQ/view

Failing Beautifully

By: Lana Korsun

When I failed beautifully it was when I failed a math test. After the math test, I thought I did well. However, when I got the score back, I noticed that I didn’t do well. I got a failing grade. When I failed beautifully, This made me feel sorrowful because I really thought I did really well but in the end, I didn’t. I learned that it doesn’t matter what you feel, good or bad, it depends on how you study and what your growth mindset is at the end. I learned about myself is that usually, my judgment is not very good. I also learned about myself that sometimes I have a fixed mindset about certain things and a growth mindset about other things.

 I notice that I have a growth mindset about math and science and a fixed mindset about English and Global Studies. Failing my math test was my favorite fail because of math tests or even any tests that I don’t do well on, I know for next time, what I need to work on. I usually freak out before the test, in the future I will find tactics and strategies to help with my anxiety. In some subjects, my mindset is fixed and in other subjects, I have a growth mindset. I noticed that in my favorite subjects I have a growth mindset and other subjects that I don’t like I have a fixed mindset. Some advice I would give myself about how to respond to success and failure in the future. 

 Our assignment was to make a collage of failing beautifully. We had one day to sketch it on a whiteboard and another daIn the picture, we brainstormed how we would exhibit failing beautifully. In the middle, we have an arrow with a rainbow. In the arrow, there was a rainbow. The rainbow went from dark to light or cool to warm colors. This represented how when you fail, some people get sad and they have a fixed mindset, and other people get happy and they have a growth mindset. A growth mindset is when a person fails at something, they try again and they are positive. A fixed mindset is when a person fails, they don’t try again and they give up. 

Around the rainbow arrow, we have two scenarios, when someone failed. One scenario was a person getting a failing grade. After they got their failing grade on their test, they ask their teacher what they can do to study for the next one. After they did that, they studied really hard. Then, the person sat on his desk, waiting to do the next test. After the person got their test back, they got a passing grade. The other scenario is that this girl was in a gymnastics meet and she fell off the bar. That got her last place. After, she trained and when she went to the meet and got first place. I think this activity showed that whatever you do, you can either have a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. I will strive for a growth mindset in the future, by realizing that I want to learn in certain subjects, and think to myself that it may be fun whatever we are learning. 

Exhibition Blog Post

In our humanities class, we made a memorial park to memorialize Germany History. My group, Hannah,Emma, Grace and I researched the Post WW1 and the Weimar Republic. We made a memorial park that has a waterfall, a bridge, willow trees,pillar of important people, and benches. As you can see here, our centerpiece is the waterfall which symbolizes the Golden Age of Weimar. The Golden Age of Weimar Republic was when the government was working with the people, and the economy was thriving. But in the end the Golden Age fell and disappeared. We also had a bridge that symbolizes the rise and fall of the Weimar Republic. On the bridge we had the turning points of the Weimar Republic. We decided to put on the bridge the turning points because these turning points influenced the rise and fall of the Weimar Republic. In addition, we put cracks on top of the turning points because that also showed to fall. On every step, there are more cracks until the last step when it breaks off. In our memorial we also had Willow Trees. Willow Trees symbolize harmony and death. We also had pillars of important people. We added pillars because these people influenced how the Weimar Republic ran and how we know the Weimar Republic today. For more information, look at our groups commentary: Artist Commentary

Over the course of doing this memorial park, we learned a lot about how communication and time management was crucial. We had a lot of challenges during this project. the couple of challenges were communication and time management. When we were trying to finish our video journal, communication was key. We had a lot of problems when people couldn’t do it after school, so we had to figure out how to get some people do it  during opportunity block and sometimes I would have to stay after school to get it done. This also ties with time management. During the video journal, we realized that we can’t wait until the last minute to record. The first time we made the video journal, we would put in all the videos and pictures but then we would wait until the last minute to do the voice recordings. We then realized that we had to do the recording earlier in the project and then put the pictures in all that stuff because it took more time to do the recordings than it did to put pictures and timelapses. 

Even though sometimes we didn’t communicate or communicate well, we still had times that we would communicate well and we would get work done. For example, while we were doing the final product, we would text in our group chat what everyone had to do for homework. If someone didn’t do their homework, we didn’t blame them, we would just say that they have to make sure they bring it or that for tomorrow and then we would figure out with each other what we can work on. Because sometimes we would have good communication we were able to figure out how we can do the revisions or the project in only two to four days. Some people would go before school and some people would go after school.

In the exhibition, we were supposed to talk in front of parents, staff members and the press about our memorial. During the exhibition, I learned that communication is key. When I first presented, I was really nervous and I couldn’t get words out of my mouth. But, as the night goes on, I felt more comfortable talking and talking clearly. I also thought that communication is key because before the exhibition I forgot my computer at home, but luckily I texted my group and one of my teammates could bring her computer. 

The exhibition experience supported my growth as a learner in so many ways. I believe that talking to people helped my speaking skills and I became more confident speaking to people than I was before. At first,I was so nervous because I never really did this type of stuff in middle school and it was really nerve wracking. But as the evening went by, I became more confident in what I was saying. The more times you explain your project, the more confident you are with telling the story. This taught me how to talk without preparing and it also taught me to think quickly while I was talking. During the exhibition, I would have more of a conversation, not a presentation because you were just on the other side of the table and it didn’t feel like it was just the people presenting talking. This taught me to be enthusiastic about what I am presenting about. I can use these skills outside of innovation lab by when  Ipresent in other classes, I would have more confidence in what I am presenting and also to be more enthusiastic. 

Video Journal Link

9/11 Memorial and Museum Memorial Trip

Why did we go to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum?

On Monday, October 14, 2019 we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum to see how a tragic event was memorialized, how everything was shown, how symbolism was shown and how symbolism came into play of making a memorial. Also, it was to see how the layout of the Memorial and the details were organized , to see what we can take away from this trip and incorporate it into our projects. 

What was our InLab project?

Our Inlab project was to make a memorial about our time period and to show the triumphs and tragedies of our time period. Our group’s time period is the Weimar Republic and the Post WW1. The Weimar Republic was the Germany government from 1919 to 1933.It was the time period after WW1 and before the rise of Nazi Germany. My group, Hannah, Emma, and Grace, has been working on how to memorialize the Weimar Republic.  In the Weimar Republic, there were some turning points, like the Treaty of Versailles and the Golden Age. In our InLab project, we are designing a memorial that contains a bridge that has a timeline on it, and a waterfall that is coming down and under that bridge.

What can we incorporate from the trip into our own projects?

From the trip to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, I thought we can use the timeline idea and the water component. In the memorial, there are two towers that were called the Twin towers and those towers were destroyed by the 9/11 attack. Instead of the people building 2 more towers, they decided to build one world trade center. Instead of filling up the holes where the twin towers stood, they decided to make it into a memorial. The two twin towers holes were made into a waterfall that has people’s names on the side panels that died in 9/11. On the panels, it gives the names who died in flight 93, the two twin towers, and the Pentagon. I thought we could incorporate some water components into our project because water symbolizes reflection and the continuity of life.  In our project, we used water to show the Golden Age and how the Golden Age goes up and then down. I thought that the timeline would be another good component of our project because we had to somehow explain what were the triumphs, tragedies, and the turning points of the Weimar Republic. We thought that we can put onto the bridge. This would symbolize the steps and ups and downs and the beginning and the end of the Weimer republic

What was the most meaningful part of my trip? And what symbolism did I find?

The most meaningful part of my trip to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial was the timeline and the footprint. I thought one of the most meaningful part of my trip was the timeline because it showed what happened in the attack minute by minute. It also showed how people saw it and it showed different perspectives. It showed how people helped and how people saw the tragic event happen. I also thought that the footprint was the most meaningful part of my trip to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum because It memorializing every person that died in the tragic event. The footprint is the two waterfalls in the memorial part of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. These two waterfalls memorialize people who lost people and people who lost their lives because of this attack. One symbol that I found in the museum and memorial was the survivor tree. I thought that the survivor tree was important because it stands as a living reminder of resilience, survival, and rebirth.

Design Chair Challenge

Design Chair Challenge

By: Lana Korsun

The project that we did in Design Studio was to make chairs for a specific client. My client was a grandpa that walks with a cane and sits basically the whole day in a chair. He also has a difficult time getting in and out of the chair. The point of this assignment was to find different solutions and make different iterations of the drawing you had. It also helped us understand how to use different materials and how to deal with things that don’t work out that well. This activity also taught us the process of a vision ,creating the image and then a debrief. It also taught us the idea of “ letting go.” Letting go means to let go of that pressure of making it perfect. It also means that whatever you drew will not look the same when you create that image in real life. 

 The designs that I created were chairs that were easy to get in and out of and comfortable enough to sit in all day. My first prototype was a chair that had arm rests and a cushion on the back of the seat and the bottom because when the grandpa needs to sit for the whole day, he needs to be comfortable. One iteration that I made of the chair was made out of cardboard. I made it by cutting a half of an oval and a square and hot glued them together. The second step I did was that I made a small oval and cut that in half making to small half ovals. For the arm rest, I hot glued those small half ovals to the side of the chair to make arm rests. To make the legs, I cut 2 triangles for 4 legs, so in total of 8 triangles. For each leg, I glued to tips of 2 triangles together. After that I hot glued both of the triangle bottoms to the chair on the bottom of the chair and did that to the other 3 legs. Then next chair iteration I made was out of pipe cleaners. This one, I tied the pipe cleaners together so I made a half of a circle and then a square. Then I made 4 legs by cutting 2 pipe cleaners in half. In the end, it didn’t stand up quite right. The last iteration that I did was a bean bag chair because in my opinion, bean bags are really comfortable. I chose to change my mind because it was really hard to make the last iteration of the first chair, I thought I should just do something different and do another iteration of another chair that I thought of. To make a bean bag, I made it out of cloth, string and straws. First, I cut a square out of the big cloth. After that I tied up most of the whole and let one out so I could put in the straws. To put in the straws, I cut them into fourths. Since it was almost at the end of the block I rushed and only did some and didn’t fill up the bag. Finally,  I

used another set of string to tie up the last whole. However, there were some challenges with the materials that we were using. 

Some challenges that I faced during the process was that it was hard using the materials. In my experience, I think it was harder to make the chair out of pipe cleaners than cardboard because cardboard is more stable than pipe cleaners. When I made the chair out of cardboard it was able to stand up on the legs and stayed up without me fixing it. However, when I made the chair out of pipe cleaners, it was really hard to make it stand up on its own because pipe cleaners are very flimsy and not stable enough to make a whole chair stand up. Overall, my experience making chairs were overall really fun but when you get stuck it is really difficult to find out how to get yourself unstuck. 

In my group, we had 4 group members, Frankie, Harley, Erika and me. We all had the same client but are chairs looked really different. Every chair had some sort of differentialities. For example Erikas chair was made to be able to recline the back of the seat and Frankies chair was more like a bench with strings tied up on the side of the chair. There were a lot of challenges that we all faced during this activity, but the one of the same or similar ones that kind of looked liked mine was Erikas. Even though hers reclined and mine didn’t ,we had kind of the same design. It was really hard to find some similar designs in our group since everyone has different opinions or thoughts on what they should make for the client.So, at the end of this activity, it was a really fun experience. 

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